You want to build a great career, but you’re making it up as you go along.

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. That’s a good thing, but not enough people invest in intentionally learning to navigate it.

Cut the trial and error.

It’s time to stop guessing. ❌

I’m going to give you the tools, frameworks and ideas you need to build yourself a compass and be confident in the direction you’re heading.

I’ll share the mistakes I’ve made and learned from others. Please steal everything we know. You don’t have to learn everything the hard way.

If you’ve clicked a link to land on this page I already know you’re curious and ambitious. Two fantastic traits. By the time you finish reading this you’ll have the tools and mindset to match. You’ll be dangerous.

Crack open the Career Craft Manual 📙 and your career trajectory will never be the same.

😤 Your competitive advantage

You won’t get far by coasting on your good grades from middle school.

It’s time to build a competitive advantage that will actually stand the test of time.

Most people rely on information asymmetry for job security. That’s why people are obsessed with secrets, gimmicks, and tactics.

If you fold a piece of paper a particular way, it can feel stronger than another piece of paper. That’s great. But it’s still a piece of paper. If you put that thing in the shredder, it’s going to get chopped up.

That’s why I don’t rely on gimmicks, and you shouldn’t either.

Swap that piece of paper for a sheet of metal and suddenly you can bend without cracking. When life throws the shredder at you, you can break it before it breaks you.

That’s the difference between tactics and tools.

In the Career Craft Manual 📙 I’m going to give you frameworks so robust you’ll find answers everywhere. There will be nothing your swiss army knife of tools can’t tackle.

Let’s future-proof your career.

♻️ A constantly evolving playbook

This book isn't 'done' and that's a good thing.

I'll keep adding chapters and new content - for free. The price will increase whenever I make updates.

Whatever price you pay today will give you access to future versions at no extra cost.

You'll also get:

I hope you find this useful. You can always reach out to me on Twitter if you have questions.

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